We Serve People Residing in All of the Surrounding Towns as Well

For more than a decade Supreme Barber Lounge has been proudly setting the standards for impeccable barber & hair cutting services in the local area. People know that whenever they need a women haircuts service or a professional beard trim, they can rely on our specialists to provide them with the highest level of satisfaction; This brings us immense satisfaction and motivates us to work harder towards perfection.

It also motivates us to improve our performance which is why we invest in training programs and new equipment. Our local barber shop is equipped with the finest tools and the best products available. The people working for us are very friendly, honest, and detail oriented. Feel free to share your concerns, and we guarantee that we will give you the perfect solution.

Over the years, our clientele has started to grow. We started out only working with the local community, but since our reputation for being a reliable barber services provider has spread far and wide, today, we have clients from all of the surrounding neighborhoods. Below, we have made a list so you can see where we can offer our mobile services. Do not hesitate to pay us a visit too! Contact us at (916) 246-1168 to book an appointment.

We have clients from:

  • Sacramento, CA
  • Tahoe Park Sacramento, CA
  • Elmhurst Sacramento, CA
  • Tahoe Park East Sacramento, CA
  • Colonial Heights Sacramento, CA
  • Parkway-South Sacramento, CA