Barber Etiquette: What Not to Do When Getting a Haircut

Things to Avoid Inside a Barber Salon

Getting a haircut is supposed to be easy. You’ve been doing it since you were old enough to sit still in a chair. But have you been doing it right? Here are some things you should avoid doing when making a trip to a barber salon:


Be impatient. A good barber always takes his time. They always try to stick to their schedule. However, it doesn’t always end up that way, especially with demanding customers. They also make sure that their customers are satisfied with the barber services they offer.

Freak out about hair clippings. It is normal to have hair all over or around you during a haircut so don’t make a big deal out of it. A barber salon provides you a cape during your cut so you need not to worry if it gets a little too hairy.

Expect your barber to be a magician. You can always bring a celebrity picture for an inspiration when going to a salon, but know that the person in the photo has a completely different hair type, facial features, and scalp condition than you. You can’t expect the barber to magically transform you into that kind of person. You’re no Cinderella and your barber is not a fairy godmother.

Just nod. Obviously, it is not wise to move your head when a barber is doing your haircut. When asked, talk with your hands and not just nod.

Be too picky. Your barber will always be willing to adjust the haircut to your liking, but make sure to speak up before the cut is finished.

Show up with dirty hair. That is just gross. It is vital that you comb and wash it clean before a haircut, especially if there’s no pre-cut shampoo.

Be weird about the tip. This is your chance to show your gratitude to the barber. Make sure you handle the tip to him and not the cashier.

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