The Barber Salon You Need

Are you looking for a barber shop where you can receive more than a plain haircut? Look no further! Many define a barber salon as a place where you can get barber services but with us, we offer more. Supreme Barber Lounge offers an environment where you can relax and get your hair done by skilled and experienced professional barbers.

Based in Sacramento, CA, Supreme Barber Lounge has provided men and women haircuts services to the local community for over 10 years. Many residents choose our barber salon for its impeccable haircuts, affordable rates, and friendly staff. And we can proudly say, we have never failed anyone when it comes to our services. Visit or call us now and be one of our satisfied clients.

The success of a business highly depends on the performance of our employees. For this reason, we spare no effort in having only skilled and experienced professionals for our team. We have barbers, hairdressers, and stylists, who provide the latest trends and fashionable cuts there are. With their skill, you would surely feel the confidence through your new hairdo. Plus, they do it with a friendly smile!

We want to establish a long-lasting relationship with our customers by providing a place where they can feel at ease. With the assimilation of technology in today’s businesses, you would seldom see a barber using a knife to cut hair. As such, we provide our services through top-grade tools to ensure you feel comfortable whenever we provide haircuts.

One crucial part when choosing a barber is the rate. But, rest easy! We make sure to constantly check the market to ensure we provide our services at competitive prices. We even provide discounts to seniors, veterans, and students. With our team of experts and affordable rates, what more can you ask for?

Visit our shop now in Sacramento, CA or dial (916) 246-1168 for an appointment.