Biggest Trends in Men’s Hair for 2017

Hair Trends You Can Get from Trusted Barber Services


There’s no perfect time to try a different hairstyle than this year. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep his hair looking at it’s best—go to the nearest shop and take advantage of the trending barber services for this year. Here are some of the trending men’s hairstyles for 2017:


IN: The Quiff

The quiff is one of the most versatile men hairstyles out there; it can go along with both casual and formal get-ups. A quiff will compliment almost every man’s style preference. The core of a quiff is its length and texture. It is an effortless look to maintain. As long as you have a decent bit of hair to style with and some quality products, you’re already halfway to achieving it.


IN: Classic Side Parting

A classy style that is easy to maintain and inexpensive, ask your barber services expert to cut your hair with an inch left on the back and sides and up to four inches of length on top. Apply a pomade or a gel to wet your hair and slick a comb through to create a parting. You can then use a blow dryer for a more natural finish. You can also apply some hairspray to keep a slick appearance for a longer time.


IN: Middle Parting

Like other fashion trends from the 90’s that returned this year, this manly hairstyle is among those that have made a huge comeback. But, middle parting is not really suited to everyone. This hairstyle is most flattering to guys with elongated and oval face shapes, with a nice straight hair.


IN: Silver Hair

Silver hair is probably the most daring hair color trend a man can have for this year. However, not all skin tones will suit gray or silver for their hair. However, there’s really no way to be sure without experimenting. To achieve a silver hair, it is best to pay a reliable barber a visit.


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