Brave Cuts for Women This 2017

Trendy Haircuts That a Women Haircuts Service Can Provide

Undercuts can be used for any types of hair. It maybe short, medium or long. Well, not all women would dare get their head shaved. However, on second thought, if you are prepared to be bold and try something different, why not do so at least once? Hair will grow out after all. Your stylist will know the right haircut for your hair so you don’t have to worry if it flatters you or not. Here are some trends for the bold that you can try at awomen haircuts service this 2017:

1. Smoky Lavender Undercut

An undercut doesn’t have to be in the back always, it can also be used as a fun detail to enhance your facial features on the side. You can just hide it when you become tired of it or let it grow out. This short cut looks best on chin-length to long hair—just make sure your hair is long enough to cover the growing out, shaved part.

2. Platinum Under Shaved Pixie

There are several ways to sport undercut hair outside of the exemplar confined shaved areas around the side or the back. Those who want to take it a step bolder should go for a mohawk. If the hair is chopped extremely short, make a striped design with dye in a vibrant color.

3. Spiky Shaved Mohawk

A mohawk is one of the most popular shaved women haircuts in today’s generation. This also means that it could be the most common and unexpected hairstyle, too. Take yours a step braver with a two-colored silver and black style.

4. Feminine Designs

Wear artistic designs shaved underneath the hair, sporting an alluring piece of art to the nape of the neck. It goes best with common feminine styles. This goes especially well with fine hair types.

5. Shaved Temple and Side Part

This hairdo is ideal for younger girls who wants to try something a little different without compromising their entire look. A look like this would be best suited for those with thick hair.

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