Be Brave and Sport a Short Hair

Why Short is the Best Women Haircuts Service


We’ve all met at least one woman with the perfect, long-flowing locks, who won’t stop complaining about how awful having long hair is. You might be puzzled what could be so wrong about it, especially if you’ve struggled to grow out your strands. For most women who chopped it all off, the answer is simple: long hair is “the norm” (which means boring). This is why Pixies are one of the most favored women haircuts service by strong and confident women out there nowadays.

Here are some reasons why rocking a short hair is better than a long one:

  1. Confidence. It may be easy to use your long hair as a blanket to hide behind. But without so much hair, you’ll have no choice but to be bold. Most women put so much value in their hair, overlooking the more important things. It’s easier to feel confident with a head full of long-flowing locks because that is the image society usually show as beautiful. True confidence and bravery may be best shown with the defiance of the norm.

  1. Fresh Start. People say that women who chop off her hair are about to make a great change in her life. It maybe because you are ending a pointless relationship or maybe you are trying to move on from the issues of your past. Chopping your hair off is an easy way to mark a fresh start in life.

  1. Inspiration. Cutting your hair short can also be another way to inspire others. You can donate your beautiful locks to an organization that makes wigs for girls with cancer. You can grow back your beautiful hair but the significant change you just made in someone’s life is priceless.

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