Growing Men’s Hair Out

The Right Way to Grow Out Your Hair with the Help of a Reputed Barber Shop

For some men, long hair remains one of the most fashionable ways to style your hair. Despite what you might think, growing your hair out isn’t as easy as just leaving it. It may even require you a few trips to your barber shop to keep a pleasing look while growing your hair out.

How to grow hair out?

Maintain a short back and sides and allow the top to grow out gracefully to your preferred length. You have a choice to tie it up into a man bun or push it straight back. However, there are certain things to do at every stage of growing out your hair.

Haircut Styles

As you start to grow out your hair, it’s necessary to have styles for the different levels of your hair growth. There are various of hairstyles you could choose from when your hair is a bit shorter and easier to manage. There are also different types of looks that allow you to keep certain parts of your look short whilst growing out the rest.

French Crop

If you want to maintain a stylish back and sides while growing out short hair, a French crop would be the perfect choice for you. This hairstyle has become increasingly popular over the last, few seasons because of its uniqueness and classy appeal. This will create a contrast with the longer hair that you have on top. Also, it is best to use some hair products and a comb to create a fringe at the front to polish the style.

Mid-Length Hairstyles

At mid-length, this could be the most depressing part of growing your hair out. Your hair will find itself in an awkward area between being short and long. Wearing styles such as the quiff or pompadour is ideal for mid-length hair. The extra length on the top of your head allows for a right amount of volume and means your hair can sit nicely while still appearing neat. If you think the side of your hair is becoming too difficult to control then go to a barber shop and have your hair trimmed on the sides while keeping the length on top.

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