How to Spot a Bad Barber

Spotting Bad Barbers in the Barber Lounge

Going to a barber lounge can mean a lot of different things. But whatever you have in mind, there’s one thing you should be avoiding: a bad hair appointment. Below are 7 signs that you should break up with your barber because no one wants to look worse than after they went in:

1. It does not matter how much you are paying, a barber shop needs to be spotless. If they are not concerned about the image of the shop, they probably don’t care about your hair.

2. Usually, it takes 10-15 minutes to properly sterilize a tool. If your barber is simply dipping a comb in Barbercide or spraying the clippers in front of you, chances are the equipment being used is not sterilized. It can be dangerous, especially when a sterilize tool accidentally cuts you open, causing a potential infection.

3. It is important for the barber to consult the client first regarding the style he wants for his hair. Don’t let the barber cut your hair immediately without letting you know what he’s going to do.

4. If the barber forgets to prepare the skin properly before shaving, that’s a red flag. It’s crucial to provide a hot towel that relaxes the skin thoroughly and opens the pores. Your comfort should always be their utmost priority while you get a haircut.

5. The barber should advise you on what products to apply for your specific hair type, what kind of styling products to use to maintain the best look for your hair, and any tips for styling your hair.

6. Watch out for barbers that queue watch. Be wary about the first come, first serve basis in the barber lounge. Sometimes this works perfectly fine but in some instances, some can be known to speed up or slow down the haircut to avoid or see clients they favor.

7. A barber should pay attention to you every time you sit down in the chair and know what you do in your work and social life. If they keep asking the same questions every time – they’ve not paid attention.

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